Learn the Art and Business of Public Speaking

 Turn your message into a talk that resonates! Speaker School teaches you a proven method and skills to create and deliver a talk on any kind of stage. You will also learn how to leverage public speaking to grow your mission or business.


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Speaker School is an 8-Step Online Course to Help You Align Your Truth with Your Words

Who is Speaker School for?

Authors who need to give talks for a book tour  

Entrepreneurs who speak about their business at conferences  

Experts in a subject matter who want to teach on bigger stages  

Activists on a mission to engage audiences for social change  

Professionals with solid experience, who want to lead with their expertise

Creatives who want to leverage speaking to share their art more widely

Influencers who want to grow their platform and impact more people  

Storytellers with a story to share, who want to clearly articulate it

A Message From Erin...

I want to be candid about why I created Speaker School.  

For 18+ years, I've been a professional speaker myself and have coached hundreds of speakers around the world. I also attend many conferences and have watched thousands of talks.  

Sadly, a lot of talks I see simply don't connect with the audience. The speakers don't usually get boo'd either. But there is a distinct yet faint, polite clap at the end...kinda like the limpest handshake of your life.  

My friends, I HATE POLITE CLAPS.  

People give polite claps for safe, mediocre, uninteresting speeches. It's when someone just stood up and "winged it". Or they only tell half the story, leaving out the hard parts, the parts that make a speech authentic. Or they give a status quo speech, one that's been heard before. Or it's just simply B-O-R-I-N-G, and provides the audience a great opportunity to zone out and mentally create their grocery list.  

Sometimes mediocre talks have zero structure and no flow, leaving us overwhelmed with information and utterly confused. Listening to their words is like riding a wild stallion without a saddle and we're all like, "WHOAAA HORSEY!!"  

Yeah. Being in the audience can be stressful. Sometimes the polite claps happen at the end because I'm glad I didn't die.  

The thing is: it's usually not the speakers' fault they give mediocre speeches. They don't know what they don't know. Hey, I got a college degree in Speech Communication and even I didn't graduate with a clear understanding of every aspect of speaking successfully! It wasn't until I was a pro speaker, traveling + speaking 250 days a year that I really started to figure it all out.  

Speaker School is a culmination of all I learned the past two decades, and features the absolute best experts in the industry. We made the time to create this program, because I know you're busy out there doin' your thing and changing people's lives and SRSLY WHO'S GOT THE TIME FOR THIS???!  

I made the time! Speaker School is the most simple, concise, fun and replicable method for becoming an authentic speaker who CONNECTS. I created Speaker School so you can create compelling talks, for the rest of your life, in very little time, with almost zero advance notice - and to not take yourself so seriously in the process.  

The reality about developing a speech and developing yourself as a speaker, is there are a series of steps that must be done in order to create ease and flow. It's not magic - it's a logical process flow to help you discover, organize, deliver and share your best content.  

All course content is delivered when Speaker School starts on October 1st, so at your own pace. E-hugs and high fives (from yours truly) are offered on the 2 live calls.  

Mediocrity is boring. No more polite claps. It's all about the standing O, baby!  

Enroll today and let's cook up a message that's so wildly fun, interesting, new, fresh, REAL and entertaining message that you CANNOT WAIT to share with the world. 

Watch my TEDx Talk:

"This was not only one of the best investments I made in my career, but in my future and in my life." - Sue Jacques Former Death Investigator, Professional Speaker, Civility Expert and Author 

"Erin provided the structure and deliverables that helped me distill multiple ideas into a clear, impactful core message." -Erica Peng Professor, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

"The reality about developing a speech and developing yourself as a speaker, is there are a series of steps that must be done in order to create ease and flow. It's not magic - it's a logical process flow to help you discover, organize, deliver and share your best content."

- ERIN WEED, Creator of Speaker School

Your Speaking Road Map


All course content will be accessible to you immediately upon purchase. Go through these steps at your own pace. 

DIG YOUR TRUTH Let's begin by aligning your purpose with your words. What are you here to learn and teach? What is the bigger purpose that is wanting to be communicated in your talks? You'll learn how to narrow down your truth to just ONE WORD, and get epic clarity of your message.

DISCOVER YOUR CONTENT Extract your content, discern what stories are most impactful and how to categorize it so it flows. The best content comes out unplanned, so I'll show you how to get interviewed (with yourself or a partner) in a casual format, and mine your brilliant brain for gold. 

DEVELOP YOUR STORYBOARD Now it's time to take your best content, and build a storyboard that visually illustrates your talk. We'll find the arc of your talk, and design the flow so you take your audience on a ride. You'll learn how to use your words to help people THINK, FEEL and DO something.

DRAFT YOUR SCRIPT Once the storyboard is complete, it's time to write it out. Writing a speech script is VERY different from other kinds of writing, but I'll show you how to do it. You'll also learn how to inlcude humor a transitions, as well as how to "speechify" your text so it is concise and clear.

DESIGN YOUR SLIDES Slides are the visual story of your talk. Slides can absolutely make your talk magical, or send your audience into a dark abyss of boredom. Let's learn the rules of slides, and how to create them in a way that engages and entertains.

DELIVER YOUR TALK Let's get ready to step on stage! Get confident in your appearance + style, your physical movements and voice delivery. You'll learn how to embody the content to memory, manage anxiety and feel as though the stage is your home.

DECIDE YOUR STRATEGY How can you take the message and talk you just created, and strategize how it will get heard? Create your unique Message Ecosystem, and see how your message also may inspire keynotes, books, podcasts, courses, media interviews and more.

DEPLOY YOUR MESSAGE This module will teach ou how to generate income wih your speaking services in many creative ways. You can also use speaking to leverage your current business. Let's generate some real impact and abundance with your finished talk.

+ You'll Get Access to These Special Bonuses:

2 Pre-Recorded Calls with Erin where she'll answer FAQs

5+ Hours of Bonus Content, Videos & Expert Interviews

Interview with TEDx organizers and a top-viewed TEDx speaker

Worksheets, Guides and Bonus Questions to amplify learning  

Your Investment: $495 Includes a 14-Day, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

"I needed someone to help me expand the reach of my speech, and nobody does that better than Erin Weed. " - Ash Beckham LGBTQ Speaker and Equality Activist, op 10 Most Viewed TEDx speakers of all time 

"I thought I knew what I'd speak about, but I realized I wanted to talk about something much more REAL." -Damon McCleese Artist, TEDx Speaker, Executive Director of Access Gallery, Advocate for the elderly and disabled

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Are You Ready to...

  • Discover your unique message and simplify it so anyone can understand 
  • Turn your message into a talk that is structured, yet flexible  
  • Feel crystal clear about what you are sharing 
  • Get a formula for writing a winning script every time  
  • Have confidence in being on stage and truly ENJOY the experience 
  • Make deep, authentic connections with your audience - regardless of size 
  • Learn to design slides that are the perfect sidekick to your words 
  • Know how to leverage public speaking to uplevel your business 
  • Embody the lifelong skills of being on a stage and leading a room 
  • Understand the world of speaking professionally (getting paid to speak)  

Your Investment: $495 Includes a 14-Day, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee